“1st Sunday Love Fest in Peacetown"
Sebastopol Community Cultural Center on the first Sunday of the month, from 2:00-6:00pm. This is a FREE Peacetown event that calls for people to come together with Inspired Love in Action, to find common ground and to co-create a community based vision for our town and for our world. Be there! we need your hearts and minds to create PEACETOWN.

April 2nd the next First Sunday, will be a bright sunshiny day and we will open the ceremonies with the Taiko drummers in the labyrinth. There will be live bands in the main hall and acoustic music in the Annex along with a singalong at 3:00pm featuring the Love Choir. There will be guided and self-guided tours of the Peace Garden and the Laguna, and loving vibes all around.

This is a family friendly event and a fun place for kids. The event is intended to be a safe place for all people to express their opinions. As my friend Jayne Burns says, Blue and Red together make PURPLE (People United Regardless of Politics; Love Everyone). It is calling all to a fun afternoon with loving intentions, cold beer fine wine and friends. 


Friday, March 31st at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, the final verdict for the best Rock and Roll band will be decided by you, as an All-Star Band of musicians and singers takes to the stage to present the best of these two super-groups. Tickets are $15 in advance are are available online at www.seb.org or People's Music. 

Don't miss this show!

April 2nd Schedule of Events

TIME     MAIN HALL                 ANNEX                      LABYRINTH
2:00      Burnside                    Hank Levin                SoCoTaiko
3:00      The Dream Farmers     Love Choir                 Drum Circle 2:30
4:00      Soul Fuse                   Doug Jayne's Stage    
5:30      Closing Ceremonies

Laughing Yoga w/Monnet 4:00pm in the Annex;
Zumba w/Mary at 2:45 & 3:45 Main Hall

Enlightenment Wheel explained in the Peace Garden w/Jim Corbett 4:30
Laguna walks
Schedule subject to change without warning. 

Come and join the fun of creating Peacetown.