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The Ways of BEING in Peacetown

Be Kind.
Create Beauty.
Build Community.
Love your Neighbor.
Choose Love over Fear.
Make laughter your Drug.
Sing, Dance, Play & make Art.
Meditate and/or Pray every day.
Love Yourself as a Divine Being.
See others as Divine Beings.

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Our next exciting musical offering in Peacetown will be The Songs of Joni Mitchell, delivered by the incredible songstress, Allyson Paige and her fantastic Band of musicians. Allyson has a beautiful vocal range that makes her the perfect artist to present the songs of Joni Mitchell. The event will be at the Sebastopol Community Center Annex on Saturday, February 24th at 7:00pm. For tickets go to Purchase early as space is limited. See you there.



Put a penny in the peace pot,

Put a nickel maybe more

For every penny in the peace pot

Will stop a dollar's worth of war.