Sponsor Peacetown

We are grateful for the many local businesses and our dear friends who help produce these events with their generous Donations. Thanks!

Along with the Peacetown Summer Concert Series, we present and promote live music programs in the communities, and support music programs in local elementary schools. Your generous donations make this and the Peacetown Summer Concert series possible. We appreciate your support!


$25    Peacetown Citizen: Receive two drink tokens
$50    Peace Ambassador: Receive a t-shirt
$100  Emissary of Peace: Receive 1 hoodie, 2 drink tickets +  CD
$250  Lover of Peace: Receive 2 hoodies, 6 drink tickets + CD
$500 Opening Act: Logo on print ads plus Peacetown Swag
$1000 The Headliner Logo on Poster & fly your banner + Swag
$2500 The Whole Gig Logo on Poster Fly banner all season + Swag

Peacetown is home of the Mr. Music Foundation

The Mr. Music Foundation is dedicated to bringing quality music programs to schools and communities. The Foundation provides classroom music, after school music instruction, and high quality music assemblies in local schools. We produce the Peacetown Summer Concert Series and local concerts at The Barlow and the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center.

What is Peacetown?

Peacetown is a group of individuals dedicated to becoming aware of their own Inner Peace and sharing that with their family and community. We invite all who want to create a loving world by creating beauty in their daily life and encouraging others to BE their highest self. Bringing together peace lovers, we strengthen the power of love and peace in the community and in the world.

What is the Peacetown Trust Fund?

The Peacetown Trust Fund is an irrevocable Trust. All money donated to the fund will remain there in perpetuity, and the fund will continue to build. Each year the interest from the fund will be granted to projects promoting peace in the world. Every citizen of Peacetown will have one vote to determine which projects will be funded. You may donate to the Trust Fund for any amount of your choosing. Your donation will join with donations of others to create a Peace Fund for all eternity. And remember: “A penny’s worth of peace will stop a dollar’s worth of war.”