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The Ways of BEING in Peacetown

Be Kind.
Create Beauty.
Build Community.
Love your Neighbor.
Choose Love over Fear.
Make laughter your Drug.
Sing, Dance, Play & make Art.
Meditate and/or Pray every day.
Love Yourself as a Divine Being.
See others as Divine Beings.

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

Our next exciting musical offering in Peacetown will be our annual Beatles Singalong and Dance Party featuring Pepperland with a host of special guests sitting in and the fabulous Love Choir opening the show with, not only tunes of the Fab Four, but also great songs from that wonderful era of music the magical 60s. Doors will open at 6:30 with food by BBQ Smokehouse Bistro. Tickets are available at 

"All You Need is LOVE!"


Put a penny in the peace pot,

Put a nickel maybe more

For every penny in the peace pot

Will stop a dollar's worth of war.