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The Ways of BEING in Peacetown

Be Kind.
Create Beauty.
Build Community.
Love your Neighbor.
Choose Love over Fear.
Make laughter your Drug.
Sing, Dance, Play & make Art.
Meditate and/or Pray every day.
Love Yourself as a Divine Being.
See others as Divine Beings.


Dear Friends and Neighbors:

However you celebrate the holidays, we here in Peacetown which you a happy and healthy holiday with friends and family. We encourage you to shop locally and support our merchants and artisans, who are such an important part of our thriving community.

This season has been particularly difficult with the devastating fires that destroyed so many homes of our friends, but we are encouraged by the outpouring of love and support that residents of Peacetown have provided. During two local events Peacetown raised over $30K for fire relief and for fire fighters that lost their homes. A big thanks to all our sponsors who donated raffle prizes, the musicians who donated their talents and to all who came out and gave money and good vibes. You all showed That Peacetown is a Beautiful Place to Be.


Put a penny in the peace pot,

Put a nickel maybe more

For every penny in the peace pot

Will stop a dollar's worth of war.